2.0-litre Petrol Turbo

NX 300h


Equipped with Lexus Hybrid Drive – which seamlessly orchestrates power from a 2.5-litre petrol engine and electric motor(s) – the NX 300h is incredibly smooth and quiet, yet as easy to drive as a conventional luxury car. Delivering lively performance, it achieves amazing fuel economy for a crossover of this size.

2018 lexus nx 300 f sport key features
  • Hybrid Drive

    Through the near perfect distribution of its petrol and electric power sources, the NX 300h provides extraordinary driving enjoyment - together with low emissions and modest fuel consumption.

  • A cockpit of great refinement

    Staying true to our ‘Kaizen’ ethos of continuous improvement, the NX cockpit is more refined than ever before. Immediately noticeable is the larger 10.3-inch Lexus Premium Navigation display, while ultra precise leather stitching and finely machined switchgear enhance your tactile experience.

  • Re-engineered suspension

    Developed by our Takumi ‘Master Drivers’, the suspension has been re-engineered and Adaptive Variable Suspension now offers an incredible range of up to 650 adjustments.

  • Supporting your natural driving skills

    The Lexus Safety System + will support your natural driver skills, helping you stay in lane, assisting you in heavy traffic, watching for hazardous situations with other road users, and even taking action should it be needed.

  • Available as F SPORT

    For a more dynamic experience, you can choose the new NX F SPORT that features an exclusive mesh grille with jet-black plating, more responsive suspension, F SPORT interior and distinctive new wheels.


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